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Lo peor de estar en paro…

Lo peor de estar en paro es que el humor negro de muchas canciones de los Smiths te está vetado si te quieres mantener mínimamente motivado. Me vienen a la cabeza fragmentos de letras como:

“I was looking for a job and then I found a job and heaven knows I’m miserable now”

“Do you have a vacancy for a back-scrubber?”

“No, I’ve never had a job because I’m too shy”

(aún es peor cuando dice en la estrofa siguiente “…because I’ve never wanted one”)

“Work is a four-letter word”

“This position I’ve hold / it pays my way / but it corrodes my soul”

O, last but not least, la más “motivadora” de todas:

“And if you have to go to work tomorrow / well if I were you I wouldn’t bother / for there are brighter sides to life / and I should know / because I’ve seen them (but not very often)”